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Changing Lives Selling Knives

Jun 16, 2023

John Ruhlin is the world’s leading authority in maximizing customer loyalty through radical generosity. He is the Founder and author of Giftology, and has been featured in Forbes, Fox News, Fast Company, Inc., and the New York Times. While becoming the #1 sales rep in the 70+ year history of Cutco, with over $14 million in personal sales, John pioneered the idea of using generosity to gain access to elite clients and generate thousands of referrals. This idea has evolved into the creation of the largest business gifting company in North America, the Giftology Group, whose clients include major corporations across North America and at least 25 major pro sports franchises.  John and the Giftology team can help any individual turn their clients into their own personal sales force to drive exponential growth.

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