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Changing Lives Selling Knives

Dec 19, 2019

Stephen Torres has had an incredible path of success, achievement, and impact in his life. He spent 12+ years in the Cutco/Vector organization, where he became the first District Manager in company history to achieve $10 million in sales and be inducted into the company’s Hall of Fame. After his years with Cutco, he advanced his formal education with a degree from UC-Berkeley and an MBA from Cornell. Along the way, he pursued several opportunities in the Technology industry in the Silicon Valley area. He was a part of SuccessFactors path to going public and being acquired by SAP, started 2 of his own companies which were also acquired, and served as the CEO for another company. Eventually, he was invited to serve as a part of the faculty at UC-Berkeley, where he has taught one of the most in-demand courses on Leadership and another course in one of the most exclusive academic programs in the world. Today, he also coaches and mentors start-up founders and entrepreneurs, offering key insights which date back to his learnings and direct experience as a leader with Cutco/Vector.

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