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Changing Lives Selling Knives

Feb 24, 2023

Josh Goodman has experienced an incredible roller coaster ride in his entrepreneurial journey. After several years with Cutco/Vector as a rep and manager, Josh embarked on a quest to find his ideal path in business. There were successes and failures, and eventually, a personal experience led him to found his own company, now known as PourMyBev (formerly PourMyBeer). His company solves a bottleneck that Josh personally experienced in the hospitality industry with an innovative self-pour technology that allows customers to pour their own drinks and pay by the ounce. Josh’s company has experience tremendous growth and success in the last 7 years, as they have installed over 10,000 self-pour taps in 440 locations throughout 23 countries. Josh’s company has won the INC 5000 three years in a row and he’s been featured on CNBC, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Bloomberg. He also sold a portion of his company to Coca-Cola EuroPacific Partners 2 years ago to expand their presence with non-alcoholic beverages. Josh recently released a book about his life and career called “Tap The Big Idea.”

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