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Changing Lives Selling Knives

Dec 14, 2022

Danny Guerrido is one of the most impactful sales reps in the 70+ year history of Cutco. He joined Vector as a sales rep in December 1998 and advanced into management by Summer 2000. After 2 successful periods as a District Manager, in which he produced well over $4 million in team sales, Danny committed to the Cutco Sales Professional role in 2013. He has grown his production from about $200K in 2014 to over $600K in 2021, and is among the company’s leaders in sales again for 2022. With over $4.3 million in career personal sales, Danny is the #28 Cutco sales rep of all-time. He has accomplished all of this while being married for 21 years and raising 2 children, now 20 & 17. The hallmark of Danny’s great career has been his strong desire to contribute to others while producing his own great results. He’s one of the most significant contributors to the success of Vector’s Western Region.

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