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Changing Lives Selling Knives

Jun 10, 2022

Tyler Cauble has achieved many prodigious goals in his short professional career. As a new Cutco rep, Tyler made a sale on 98% of his appointments en route to setting a Regional record for a rep’s first 10 days with the company. He went on become the #1 new sales rep in the company for his first year, besting tens of thousands of other new reps that year. By sharing his ambitions and his achievements with his clients, Tyler has been able to create an image of himself as someone who gets things done. Eventually, a real estate developer sought out Tyler for a role with his organization, and Tyler has been able to parlay that role into tremendous professional success, including the achievement of a $1M net worth by the age of 27. Tyler is the author of Open For Business: The Insider’s Guide To Leasing Commercial Real Estate, and founder of his own commercial real estate brokerage, The Cauble Group, based in Nashville TN.

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