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Changing Lives Selling Knives

May 18, 2022

Creating a great organizational culture is at the forefront of any leader’s mind. It’s the one key factor that affects everything else, so it’s critical to craft and shape and develop. Shelby (Wildgust) Brandt has spent her entire life on an entrepreneurial journey of discovery, learning about herself, others, business, and life. As Cutco/Vector Marketing’s Program Development Manager, Shelby has been on a deep dive into the ingredients of culture. In this special episode, Shelby pulls nuggets from eight past CLSK guests that form a recipe for great organizational culture. This episode features snippets from current and former Vector leaders, including Dan Casetta, Isaac Tolpin, Kristin Alli, Trey Harris, Drew Frank, Kate Vasey, Paige Weber, and Kevin Barthe. Use these ideas as a basis for crafting your own amazing team culture.

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