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Changing Lives Selling Knives

Jun 30, 2021

Rachel Richards is back by popular demand for a 2nd episode today! In Episode #38, we discussed how Rachel leveraged her Cutco/Vector opportunity to graduate from college debt-free with a degree in Finance, then how she got into real estate investing and built enough passive income to “retire” from her formal employment by age 27. She also shared tips from her best-selling book, “Money Honey : A Simple 7-Step Guide to Getting Your Financial Sh*t Together.” In this episode, we follow-up by discussing specifically how Rachel went from 0 to 38 doors within a few short years and has built a passive income of over $15,000 per month, and we’ll hear insights from Rachel’s 2nd book, “Passive Income Aggressive Retirement.” Rachel is currently traveling around the United States with her husband and dog, while continuing to teach women and Gen Z-ers about money management.

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