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Changing Lives Selling Knives

Apr 26, 2021

This episode features 4 of the brightest young stars of Cutco/Vector’s Western Region. Newport Beach District Manager, Anthony Hayes, has become one the top developers of talent in the Region. West LA District Manager, Kuvaal Patel, was the Region’s #1 recruiter in 2020. Ventura County District Manager, Ben Lee, was the company’s National Champion New District Manager in 2020. And Kyle Lopes won the Branch Manager Silver Cup in 2020, and is currently the #1 manager in the company for 2021. All four of these dynamic young leaders are changing lives through the incredible influence they are providing to their organizations, the Western Region, and the entire company. These are 4 wonderful examples of the kinds of leaders being developed through the Cutco/Vector opportunity. In this conversation, we talk about how these young men are all creating a compelling future through the District Manager role.

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