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Changing Lives Selling Knives

Apr 23, 2021

Kenny Coleman is one of the finest “connectors” you might ever have a chance to meet. His path in life started as one of the only African-American kids in a predominantly white enclave in Silicon Valley, where he had to learn to navigate certain challenges to connect with others. In high school and college, he became a football star and vocal leader on teams from Gunn High School to Utah State University. As a Cutco/Vector Marketing sales rep after college, Kenny set one of the most legendary sales records in the history of Cutco by selling over $36,000 in his “Fast Start” — his first 10 days with the company. Now, he’s the DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) Program Lead at Splunk, a leading tech company in Silicon Valley. Throughout his entire life, Kenny Coleman has understood how to bring people together. His ideas can help you establish more diverse connections throughout your workplace and your personal life.

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