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Changing Lives Selling Knives

Jan 27, 2021

Roger & Tiffany Van Alst were successful managers in the Cutco/Vector Marketing organization in the 1990s, initially in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and ultimately helping to expand the business to Australia. In 2011, they bought a paver-stone and landscape business called Black Diamond. Using principles and skills gained primarily from their Vector experience, they have built their business from $3.2 million in revenue their first year to over $43.6 million in 2020. They have truly “Vectorized” their business, leveraging concepts such as strong sales training, lead generation, powerful recognition, ongoing development of their team, and creating a family culture. What they offer is a blueprint for building a successful business that every entrepreneur should understand. Roger & Tiffany work to live, having created an amazing lifestyle at home in San Jose, CA.

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