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Changing Lives Selling Knives

Sep 28, 2020

Jim Stitt Sr. is the Executive Chairman of Cutco Corporation. He came to the company in 1975, starting as a manager in Manufacturing and eventually advancing to the position of CEO. Jim and his family risked everything they had to be a part of the team that bought the company from ALCOA in the 1980s. Since that time, no one has been more responsible for the establishment of the Cutco culture over the years. Jim espouses values such as top-notch quality, mutual respect between manufacturing, sales, and management, and a true family environment. He led Cutco through a period of hyper-growth, and helped build the company into the well-known and widely respected brand that it is today. He has relinquished the role of CEO to his son, Jim Jr., but remains actively involved in shaping the future of the organization to this day. Jim Stitt Sr. is truly one of the finest leaders you’ll ever have a chance to get to know.

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