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Changing Lives Selling Knives

Oct 28, 2019

Kyle Lopes is the first Cutco rep to reach $1 million in Cutco sales while still a full-time college student. He started his Cutco career in the San Jose sales office, then continued to advance while pursuing his hockey dreams for a couple of years. Eventually, Kyle enrolled at West Valley College in the Silicon Valley and became a serious Cutco Sales Professional around classes. He has been the #1 College All-American (student sales rep) in 5 separate Campaigns (4 month-periods) in the past few years. He was ultimately able to transfer from West Valley to Columbia University in NYC, where he has one year left, studying International Relations. His stellar performance in sales while going to school full-time has been truly exemplary, and has earned Kyle the distinction of being the first full-time student inducted into the Cutco/Vector Hall of Fame.


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